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What’s Soda Drink
Consultation Services from Headquarters Before Opening 
Advice on renting and leasing
Side assessment and market analysis/ research
Floor plan and design of outlet
Marketing strategy and business proposal
Advertisements on the Internet, newspapers and magazines.
Operation Planning
Business process planning
Technical manual or SOP manual
Comprehensive one to one training. To maintain quality, training is provided to all participants.
No time limit for training.
No limitation on number of participants.
Examinations will be conducted by our consultant days before the outlet's opening to ensure everything is in order. Consultant will be assigned to your outlet on the first day of operation.

After Opening
Ongoing visitation, training and audit.
To assist on various improvements if necessary
New sauces or flavours provided free of charge
Our Support
Backed up by experienced Korean and Taiwan alliance & localized support services

Business expansion goes hand in hand with the success of our business partner. We provide the know-how and skills to our business partner, believing that this shared knowledge will likely foster value and more business opportunities in the system.

By combining the valuable insight provided by our Korean (raw material and recipes) and Taiwanese (licensing and branding) alliance with the communal wisdom garnered through our local support structure, we endeavour to provide the best pool of resources to our outlets.

In addition to the operation and training center in Central Malaysia, we will establish a similar centre in East, North and South Malaysia. This is to ensure that our investors in whole Malaysia are well taken care off. Regardless the logistic, we endeavour to provide our best support.

Our Operation and Training Center provides business opportunity seminars and free food tasting to our potential investors. It is also a center for human resource training, technology and knowledge transfer, consultation and counseling; customer support and care.


Korea Office Address:서울시 서대문구 대현동 101호
Head Office Address:
No.1616-5, Sec. 1, Huanzhong Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan (R.O.C.) International Franchise Hotline: +886-929-224-543

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